The Hobbit Costume For Halloween

This Halloween why not dress up as a character from The Hobbit in a cool Hobbit Costume, if you are a fan of The Hobbit, this is a great collection to choose from!

The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Costume



There is a lot of  Hobbit Costumes to choose here, from Being The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Costume. This is a really comfy throw and so easy to wear. For men and women as well. One size will fit most adults. You don’t need to be a middle age at 50 years old Bilbo Baggins to wear this costume, any age will do. Take the adventure with Bilbo, through the wilderness through the elf haven of Rivendell, this Halloween, or for any other occasion if you like.


Legolas Costume


The Hobbit Legolas standard Costume

Why not be Legolas the son of Thranduil, this is a cool costumes and comes with quite some accessories. Like velour tunic top that laces up the front, it is forest green with a brown panel in the front. The sleeves have silver accents in the middle, with faux leather cuffs. It is approximately 48″ long and fits around your neck with Velcro. The faux leather belt has gold accents along the middle, and fits around the waist with a silver loop buckle. The final piece to the costume is the faux leather boot covers. The boot covers have a inner lining of foam for comfort and stay in place over your shoes with an elastic band. Includes a Tunic, Cloak, Belt, Boot Tops. The Legolas Costume is another great one, of the Hobbit selection.


Rubies Costumes The Lord of the Rings Ringwraith Adult

rubies costume the lord of the rings ringwraith adultThis is another great costume for Halloween and for any party. The Rubbies Costumes The Lord of the Rings, comes in black and one size fits all. For adult men, can also be worn by women, why not, you’ll be covered up and no one can see you, but you can see them hehe. I’s a great disguise and lot’s of fun. Adult Ringwraith Costume includes: hood with attached mesh drape, mesh face, robe & belt. You can also get the Ringwraight Child Costume  it comes with hooded robe with mesh face and attached drape and belt as well. For boys and girls.




Queen Arwen Deluxe Costume

Arwen Deluxe CostumeThe Queen Arwen is the most beautiful of the last generation of High Elves in Middle-earth. Her name Ar-wen means ‘noble maiden’. This Deluxe Queen Arwen Costume is very comfortable to wear and the quality is also very good. Please go to Women Hobbit Costumes to see more of these beautiful costumes and accessories.




The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Adult Costume

the lord of the ring Gandalf CostumeHere is another great character of The Lord of the Ring collection and the HobbitBe Gandalf go and explore, be the wizard and leader of the Fellowship of the Rings. This costume, fits all , it comes in Mens, Women, even Infant, Toddler, Child, and Girl’s Tween sized Costumes. It also includes the Hat, Robe, Belt, Pouch. You can get the beard and wig set as well, to make yourself really look like Gandalf from the Hobbit. So you have quite the size collection, as well as costume collection of Gandalf Costumes. Be different this Halloween and show off your great costume. even at costume partis, this would be a winner for sure and you’ll stand out, from the rest ;) The adult white Gandalf costume looks pretty cool as well and will make you stand out. Please see is also the Child Gandalf Costume. section on this site.



Rubies Mens The Hobbit Thorin Hair Kit Black Medium

thehobbit ThorinAre you ready to slay dragons with your other dwarven friends (and a Hobbit and a Wizard) The Hobbit Thorin Hair Kit, is ideal for your Halloween outfit. Wig and beard one size fits all. Make sure you  Hand Wash in Cold Water W/ Mild Detergent or Shampoo – AIR DRY.






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