halloween costume ideas

Every kid loves to go to Halloween costume parties, and coming up with a stunning Halloween costume is normally one of their biggest worries with the approach of each Halloween Party. Contrary to what most people think about Halloween, adults too are not left behind when it comes to choosing the best Halloween costumes. So, if you intend to come up with a killer and unique Halloween costume, then here are some important tips to help you out:

First, you have to decide on your preferred style. In this case you can choose to go for scary, preppy, laid back, cutesy or some random styles that are still fun.


Scary Halloween Costumes

Scary costumes can be in form of a zombie, vampire, werewolf, scary red hood, little dead riding hood or a dead cheerleader. These costumes must be well executed with a little twist. You can go a step further and do your make-up and hair to ghoulish perfection. Additionally, you can also choose some creepy prop like dead flowers or a doll’s head to top it up.

Cutesy Halloween Costumes

This includes any form of animal-like-costumes or fairy: For instance, puppy costumes, bumble bee, black cat and little mermaid costumes. You can also choose to go for the glitter girl or glitter ombre if you’re a girl. This style will however require a lot of light fun colors or some glittery make-ups.

You can choose to defy your friends and family expectations by choosing a Halloween costume that portrays the opposite of your real persona. Including a surprise element in your costume can end up making your costume to stand out, and you may also enjoy experiencing an opposite side of yourself during the special Halloween night out.

Conceptual Costumes

Have you ever considered rendering some abstract ideas literally? Then that’s the best idea that you can use to design your own Halloween costume. The end results may be funny, and as a matter of fact, this type of costumes is the most creative and you can actually devise one from simple household items.

Give yourself enough time and a little consideration and you’re far-fetched to come up with the best Halloween costume. Actually, the best Halloween costume is the one that you have fun while making as well as the one that makes you feel special come that Halloween night out.

The Hobbit Costume selection is very popular this Halloween season and we have some suggestions, like Frodo Baggins, or Gandalf, or just see the entire Boy’s Hobbit Costume Selection.


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