Tips and Tricks on How to Make A Hobbit Costume

For those who are looking to make a Hobbit costume, the task may be a very arduous one but a very interesting activity. A Hobbit costume, also comprising multiple parts, is very easy to put together and assemble. The main components of this costume include cloak, coat, vest, shirt, suspender and brenches. Here we shall provide you a detailed instruction guide for putting together these parts in order to have your very own Hobbit Costume:

  • Brenches: Get a hold of a pair of old woolen or cotton dress pants preferably black, brown or grey in colour. You can get them at resale and thrift shops as well. Cut them along a line around two inches below the knee and hem them. Next buy suspenders, preferably one that has an attachment with buttons so that the authentic Hobbit look is guaranteed. Buttons have to be sewn into the pants for fitting the suspenders.
  • Shirts and vests: An old white button-up dress shirt made of polyester or cotton is the basic requirement. The top half of the shirt collar has to be cut and the remainder hemmed down. Next, buy vests at  a thrift or resale outlets to match the Hobbit costume. Vests that are of a warm colour such as yellow, green and brown should be preferred while avoiding those with patterns on them.
  • how to make a hobbit cape and Hobbit cloak: Find find a large suit jacket that really goes down long on the wearer. The jacket should be preferably long enough to touch the thigh of the person and warm colours and soft fabrics are preferable. A gray fabric should be hemmed around the edges and draped around the shoulders before being pinned to the neck to keep it in place.
    The Hobbit costumes that one may pick up on the online shopping stores or design for themselves following the mentioned tips will be great for many occassions such as Halloween parties and opening nights of the first Hobbit movie shows. They are also likely to be a great choice for any costume event that one may feel inclined to be a part of. The costumes will also be a fun wear for all individuals who are a big fan of the Lord of The Rings.