Choose A Cool Lord of the Rings Mask

The lotr has truly amazing fearless masks and is a great costume for Halloween. You’re going to turn heads and The Gollum mask, Gollum is originally known as Sméagol (or Trahald) His famous words Precious, precious, precious!  And The Witch-King of Angmar mask is really scary, noticeable, and unique. The Witch-King of Angmar and the leader of Nazgul of the Lord of the Rings.
They do come in a standard size but fit most comfortably, though they are a better fit for adults.
Your face is completely covered yet you can breathe easily under this cool mask. Of course, you need a costume to go along with your creepy mask to make the character.

The Gollum Mask – Lord of the Rings Mask

Gollum mask - lord of the rings

Items Included
Officially licensed Gollum Mask


  • Officially licensed
  • Latex full-head mask
  • Realistic skin w/ wrinkle details, blue eyes, & jagged teeth
  • Discrete eye, nose, ear, & mouth holes
  • Foam padding along with mask interior
  • Wispy gray hair at the top

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The Witch King Mask – Lord of the Rings Mask

which king mask - lotr

Items Included
licensed Witch King mask


  • Licensed Lord of the Rings latex mask
  • Silver with distressed detailing for a battle-worn look
  • Eye and mouth openings are covered in black mesh
  • Designed to replicate the Witch King of Angmar’s helmet

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