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Our Hobbit Costumes will allow you to pretend that you’re part of Bilbo Baggins or Thorin Oakenshield in the Quest of Erebor. Two more characters you could include are Dwalin the dwarf and Bofur his brother, who was with Bilbo and Thorin. Galadriel, Gandalf, and the Grey are also great characters to add. We have a variety of exciting villains for Lord of the Rings lovers, including the Witch-king or Gollum. Galadriel, Gandalf, and the Grey are also great characters to add. Or become Queen Arwen. The fun never ends. Select the character you want to be and get a great Hobbit Lord of the Rings costume for Halloween or any other occasion. Stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

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The Lord Of The Rings The Hobbit Legolas Cosplay Costumes.

The Hobbit Gollum Mask

  • Gollum Mask
  • Description:You'll really be ready to hang out in a cave and cry out for your precious in this Gollum Mask. Just be careful of the hobbit-s.
  • Price: $49.99

  • Deluxe Azog Full-Head Mask
  • Description:The last thing you need is a bunch of dwarves running through your dominion. Suit up in this Deluxe Azog Full-Head Mask and command your orc minions!
  • Price: $44.99

  • The Hobbit Gollum Mask
  • Description:One thing you're missing my precious? This The Hobbit Gollum Mask. The perfect accessory to complete the most ideal and realistic Hobbit costume around.
  • Price: $59.99

The Hobbit Gandalf Wizard Adult Costume

  • Gandalf Adult Costume
  • Description: Lead the hobbits to the Eye of Sauron in the Gandalf Adult Costume! If I were you I'd keep an eye out for that wizard Saruman while wearing this Gandalf Adult Costume!
  • Price: $44.99

  • Adult Premium Gandalf Costume
  • Description: This is an officially licensed, premium Gandalf Costume from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. You... shall... pass into any party you want with this costume.
  • Price: $109.99

Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Lady Galadriel Cosplay Costume